Is your organisation taking advantage of the available financial benefits of training?

Besides the financial benefits from a well trained, motivated team organisations are able to benefit from substantial tax incentives yet far to few organisations are taking advantage of this!

Outsource your skills development function to us and we will ensure that the following are implemented ITO the Skills Development Act, Skills Development Levies Act, NQF Act, EE Act, BEE Codes and regulations:

• Register as your Sector Education and Training Authorities SETA(s) as your Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) • Align your employee profile with the OFO Coding System for Occupational Development • Appoint and chair your Training Committee if you have more than 50 employees • Compile and submit your Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and Annual Training Report (ATR) • Monitor the implementation of your WSP and provide monthly written feedback to you during your management meeting • Implementation of training • Advise you on quality standards set by your SETA • Act as your contact person with your SETA • Follow up your grant disbursements with your SETA • Serve as your resource with regards to all aspects of skills development • Conduct a Skills Audit in your workplace (Optional Extra) • Project Manage your learnerships (Optional Extra) • Train your coaches and mentors for the workplace (Optional Extra)

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